X-rays: a powerful diagnostic tool in dentistry and orthodontics, however also referred to as a necessary evil because of its potentially harmful effects. The amount of radiation exposure for your patients during lateral X-Ray imaging should be kept to a minimum. The products developed by GentleCeph help to significantly reduce the amount of radiation exposure for your patients.
Protecting the cranial zone
GentleCeph’s Anatomic Cranial Collimator (ACC) is an inventive shield that protects the cranial zone. Radiation will reach only those parts of the head from which information is really needed. This can be achieved without any change of work routines or loss of time.
  • Up to 35 percent reduction of the patient’s irradiated surface
  • Suitable for virtually every cephalometric X-Ray device available on the market

Protecting the thyroid gland
The most recent development of GentleCeph is the Cephalographic Thyroid Protector (CTP) . The CTP is a small protection shield with a flexible clip that is placed on one side of the throat to shield the radiosensitive thyroid gland from radiation. Application of the CTP reduces the thyroid dose by 85 percent and together with the ACC the effective dose reduction adds up to almost 60 percent.
  • Unlike traditional thyroid collars hygienic and easy to apply
  • The cervical vertebra remain visible on lateral recordings

Feel free to browse our site and get to know our products and their applications. Both the CTP and the ACC can be ordered directly online. For questions regarding one of our products or the ordering process, contact us here.